Water Damage Cleanup

It takes just a few measly inches of water to threaten the integrity of your property. Whether you are faced with an appliance failure, storm, roof leak, or anything in between, the harmful effects of water damage can be reduced greatly by the prompt and reliable service from Watermark Restoration Solutions. When it comes to water damage cleanup, our experts will accurately inspect, clean, and remediate any undesirable situation in a home or business. By following scientific (ANSI) standards, a consumer can take full comfort in knowing their damage claim is being properly handled.

The Categories of Water Damage

The IICRC Standard for Professional Water Damage Restoration (IICRC S500) is a procedural standard that defines three major categories of water damage:

  • Category 1: Sanitary water, or clean water, that does not pose a substantial risk from dermal, ingestion, or inhalation exposure. When category 1 water damage occurs, Watermark Restoration Solutions is able to salvage and dry any affected building material. Some common causes of this category of water damage can range from rain water to water supply lines.

  • Category 2: Significantly contaminated water, also known as gray water, has the potential to cause discomfort or sickness if contacted or consumed. As a result, our professionals will safely remove and disinfect any contaminated materials using organic, plant-based microbials.

  • Category 3: Grossly contaminated water, or black water, contains harmful agents that cause adverse reactions if contacted or consumed. Category 3 water damage often stems from waste lines backflows, rising water from rivers, and more. Our technicians will safely remove all affected cosmetic materials, and use antimicrobial spray, biocides, and other EPA registered products to clean the area, extract the water, and dehumidify your home or business.

No matter the source of your water damage, our professional team will work quickly and efficiently to restore your home or business and reverse the effects of water damage. We’ll accurately measure the contamination levels of your water to determine which cleanup method is necessary.

Life doesn’t have to come to a halt when water damage occurs. Trust the experts at Watermark Restoration Solutions for all of your water damage cleanup needs. Contact us today.