What To Expect

Property damage and/or an insurance claim is an overwhelming experience. When the unexpected happens, it's frustrating trying to anticipate what comes next. This "unknown factor" compounds the overwhelming experience, making the claims process even less palatable for the consumer. Watermark Restoration Solutions has decades of combined experience between its staff. Typically, we'll be able to give you a pretty good idea of what to expect in a given damage scenario as our team has processed losses on both the contracting and insurance adjusting side.

Twenty-Four Hour Service

We're always here for you. Calls have been fielded from clients well after midnight for water and fire damage situations. In other words, there is always availability for service when it's needed - even on holidays. That could mean bringing state of the art extraction equipment to your home to remove unwanted water, or sending a team of carpenters to board-up a structure from a fire or storm damage occurrence. If you have a need, we will meet it.

Safety Should Be the Primary Focus

We all know that sentimental pieces of property are impossible to replace. Please remember that no piece of personal property is worth your health. If you or your family do not have to be in the affected area, it's best to simply stay in an unaffected portion of the home. Once we're on-site, if there's a piece of property that you'd like us to find for you we'll make that our first priority.

Prevent Further Damage

Under typical Section I Conditions of your insurance policy, the insured has a duty to prevent further damage to their property. Isolating the source of the loss is a good start. If water damage is the issue, consider turning off the water to the failed plumbing system and contacting a licensed plumber for further assistance. Make sure you have your licensed professional document (in writing) what has caused the loss and keep the repaired parts or pieces on-site for your insurance adjuster.

With our experience as Certified mitigators, licensed builders, and adjusters - we'll be able to talk you through the immediate next steps in the process and give you your options for moving forward. Contact us today.