Electrical Fire Remediation

Electrical fires are a leading cause of devastation for homes and business owners. Not only can they destroy properties, they can cause significant property damage and financial loss. Watermark Restoration Solutions, Inc. has the necessary IICRC certifications and newest specialty equipment for proper electrical fire remediation services. Our team of licensed builders and former insurance adjusters are able to help you through all phases of our restoration process, from testing and board-up services to loss documentation and insurance claims.

What are the Causes of Electrical Fires?

Electrical fires are devastating and can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Faulty electrical outlets and appliances: Worn or frayed cords, overloaded outlets, and appliances with damaged insulation are all potential fire hazards.

  • Improper use of extension cords: Extension cords should only be used for temporary purposes and should never be overloaded.

  • Overcrowded electrical circuits: Too many appliances plugged into a single circuit can cause a fire.

  • Defective wiring: Old or damaged wiring can create a fire hazard.

  • Lightning strikes: Lightning can strike electrical wires and cause a fire.

  • Careless handling of electrical equipment: Playing with electrical equipment, such as extension cords and power tools, can lead to fires.

Dealing with an electrical fire is not only dangerous, it is overwhelmingly stressful. If your property has sustained serious fire or smoke damage, Watermark Restoration Solutions is here to help. To learn more about our dependable methods for electrical fire remediation, contact us today.