Michigan Mold Remediation

mold around window

With your health and property at risk, leaving damaging mold unchecked is not an option. When mold is discovered within your home or business, it’s important to accurately assess the damage and stop its spread with professional remediation. Watermark Restoration Solutions is your premier source for Michigan mold remediation services. With our industry-leading techniques and extensive experience, we handle more than just mold removal – our professionals will first inspect your property to determine the best course of action for restoration. Then, our team will clean up quickly and leave no trace of damage behind.

To ensure we meet the unique needs of every home and business owner, our mold remediation services include:

Why Choose Watermark Restoration Solutions?

The IICRC S520 is the industry accepted Standard of Care by which mold is properly abated from a structure. Generally, a lot of building materials can be restored after visible growth has formed. More porous materials such as drywall and insulation should not be restored. At Watermark Restoration Solutions, we pride ourselves on our knowledge - living into the IICRC S520's Standards of Care. The recommendations we provide to business and homeowners derive from these ANSI standards, giving the property owner comfort in time of loss.

When it comes to our dependable mold remediation services, our experts:

  • Perform a thorough physical inspection and evaluation of the property

  • Incorporate a mold tester to perform pre-testing on surfaces and air (if necessary)

  • Utilize contaminate procedures such as PPE and sealing of ventilation systems

  • Physical remove contamination and determine the root cause

  • Use organic, botanical cleaning products to clean the property

  • Trust a industrial hygienist to perform post-testing

  • And more

We're an Insurance-Preferred Vendor

As certified mitigation specialists, licensed builders, and insurance adjusters, Watermark Restoration Solutions has processed countless property losses throughout Southeast Michigan. As a premier preferred contractor for major insurance companies such as State Farm, Allstate, Esurance, Encompass, Farmers, and many others: we're always on the mark. Whether it's our quick response time, accurately and efficiently processing your claim, or connecting you to our experienced partners to rebuild your home or business, our experts are here to help you restore your home.

Don’t let mold get a foothold in your home and health. Stop mold in its tracks and protect your property and loved ones with our Michigan mold remediation services. To learn more, contact us today.