Common Causes of Fires

A fire is a worst fear for any home or business owner. The idea of our belongings, our assets, and our hard work to maintain these properties being taken from us is a painstaking reality. At Watermark Restoration Solutions, we are your premier source for fire restoration services. A fundamental component in preventing residential and commercial fires is by understanding how they begin in the first place.

What are the common causes of fires?

Fires can stem from a host of different elements, many of which may not be common knowledge. Some common causes of fires include:

  • Candles

  • Batteries

  • Cooking

  • Heating Equipment

  • Electrical Systems and Equipment

  • Smoking

  • Holiday Decorations

  • Electric Toys

  • Batteries

  • And More

Devastating home and business fires are all too common. One of the best ways to protect your property and prevent fires before they start is by taking fire precautions. By taking the basic precautions listed above, you could stop a disaster before it even starts.

Practice fire prevention and keep your home or business safe by understanding the common causes of fires. Have any questions? Contact our experts at Watermark Restoration Solutions today! We are happy to answer any questions you may have.